Friday, February 6, 2015

Harvey's Knob Hawks By Year to 2014

Observation hours would have been greater were it not for the strange closure of the parkway in November for about ten days to cut growth around the road (there were only 2 workers available to do this).  Upon reopening, it snowed and was closed again for some days.

Most of the year, we were on track to set an Eagle season record and, again, it seems likely we did not see some in November during the closure.

Another incredible Broadwing year.

Surprisingly low number of Ospreys this year - the lowest since 1992 - and only the second time numbers were below 100 since that year.  Seem to recall a lot of windless and/or foggy days in October.  

Harriers seem to have declined in the last seven years and it may be worthwhile to look at other sites to determine if there is a trend.

Low count of Redtails this year may also be related to the site closure in November.
Lowest count this year of any other.

We were closed because of Parkway maintenance during prime migration time for Goldens.
It was a very good year.......

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